I'm Nicci and I live on the East Sussex/Kent border between Tunbridge Wells, Cranbrook and Hastings with my husband and three children. Before working as a colour and style consultant with Colour Me Beautiful, I had a professional career in London, working in sales, training and customer experience for many years.

I first had my colours analysed by a consultant from Colour Me Beautiful, shortly after I had my first child, and needed to feel good about myself again. Not only was the consultation really good fun, it transformed the way I thought about my clothes and how i dress, as I learned a lot about the colours that flattered me most, which made me look and feel years younger.

This prompted me to have a style consultation later as well, and upon learning which clothes suited my body shape and which didn't, I had a lot more confidence in choosing the right clothes for me; as a result, I looked slimmer and healthier and it made shopping for clothes much easier.

These consultations together with my business experience: working with clients and helping people improve their performance in the workplace, led me to become a Colour Me Beautiful (www.colourmebeautiful.co.uk) consultant. I also lived  in Paris for nearly five years which was a huge inspiration in terms of fashion and taking pride in your appearance as well as coordinating wardrobe items.  I find it hugely rewarding to help people feel better about themselves and love being able to work with colour, fashion and style, three things that I've always been passionate about.

When I'm not spending time with clients or my family, I try to stay fit and healthy by doing yoga and pilates, playing netball and going to the gym. I also love catching up with my friends and travelling whenever I can.