Handy Hints for Hats and Headwear

With summer just around the corner, and a season of special events and occasions to look forward to, from a day at the races with friends, to a family wedding, a number of clients have asked me about hats and fascinators.

Read on for a few tips and hints:

1) Choose a colour that complements your skin tone, hair colour and eyes

2) Choose an accent colour from your outfit for your accessories (hat/fascinator, bag and shoes)

3) Any hat must go with your face shape and hair style, and must be in proportion with your body shape and size; the rule is normally, the taller you are, the larger the hat you can wear

5) Be aware that dark coloured hats can cast a shadow over your face, which will affect photographs and pictures

6) If you wear glasses, ensure that the hat fits with them and that the glasses don't get in the way of any headpiece that you select

7) If you have short hair, hats can often be so big that they cover all of it, which often gives the impression that you don't have any hair at all - rather than going for the traditional hat with a brim or crown, opt for a headpiece or fascinator that leaves plenty of the hair on show.

Whatever the occasion, there is something for everyone, and if you're unsure where to look, try out Etsy and Lightinthebox.com or if you prefer to go and try several on, visit any of the large department stores like John Lewis, Debenhams, House of Fraser and Bhs, who have ranges to suit all styles and budgets.

For any more advice or help with your head pieces and/or occasion wear, book a consultation NOW.




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